Hello friends! Here I am presenting five of the most beautiful but least explored monsoon destinations of India. These places are in full bloom during the monsoon season. With nature at its best during this period, these places will leave you spellbound with their beauty. I know some of you must already be asking "what is the fun in traveling during the rainy season"? Well, trust me, traveling in the rainy season is a lifetime experience which will leave you with everlasting memories. 

Top monsoon destinations of India
Vacations are over but monsoon season has just begun. And this is that one time of the year when each and every place looks lush green. Particularly hills and mountains, valleys and meadows are carpeted with green. And the scene out there is just spectacular, to say the least. Rivers and lakes are flush with water and their flow gives a thrill of its own kind. Waterfalls in the hills multiply and fall with much more force giving a musical sound. The milky white water falling on the rocks gives a mystic and majestic look. Would you want to miss such a wonderful work of nature? I know you won't.

So, let's have a look at five of the most amazing and beautiful monsoon destinations of India, which have yet not been explored fully and are not very widely known.


One of the wettest places on earth, although Cherrapunji receives rain throughout the year, monsoon is still a special season here. It is second in the list of places in the world which receive maximum rainfall (it used to be first till recently but now a nearby place Mawsynram has snatched this position from it). Located in the northeastern state of Meghalaya, Cherrapunji is situated at an altitude of roughly 5000 feet in the Khasi hills. And in case you are wondering that if it keeps raining here all the time, how can one explore the place, well, the wonderful news is that it mostly rains during the night and most of the day to day activity remains largely unaffected. 

The mist surrounding the place due to rain will make you feel like you are walking on clouds. With mystical hills and beautiful landscapes all around, Cherrapunji gives a thrilling experience. You will find the unique double-decker tree bridges here which you can enjoy only by walking. And they are in full bloom only during monsoons. Various scenic waterfalls in and around this place add to its charm. And don't forget to buy the special Meghalaya tea from here. Along with Cherrapunji, you can plan a visit to Shillong also.

Cherrapunji, Meghalaya
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So pack your umbrellas, raincoats, gumboots and rubber slippers and head straight to Cherrapunji to get a never before experience of Monsoons.

How to reach Cherrapunji - The nearest major airport and railway station are at Guwahati. From there you can hire a taxi to reach Cherrapunji. Road network is good and it is well connected by roads. Traveling by road to Cherrapunji is an exciting experience as you get to see a lot of scenic beauty and lush green landscapes on the way.


Another monsoon destination in India which has still not caught the fancy of travelers but is full of natural treasure and comes on its own during monsoon. Often called 'Cherrapunji of South India', Agumbe is a small village in Shivamoga district of Karnataka. It came into limelight when the famous TV serial "Malgudi Days" was shot here. But it developed as a travel destination much later. This picturesque village boasts of a lot of biodiversities. 
Situated at an altitude of 2200 ft the sunrise and sunset in Agumbe are simply breathtaking. Monsoon in Agumbe means coming alive of many beautiful waterfalls which are a heartwarming spectacle to watch. This also means there are lots of trekking trails available here. You can go trekking from one waterfall to another or to some of the most beautiful forests around this place. 

Agumbe is one of the very few rainforests left in the country. Being located in the Western Ghats, it becomes a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It not only has a rich variety of flora and fauna but also has some rare species of medicinal plants. The beauty and tranquility of Agumbe are really mesmerizing. Another unbelievable place to visit in Karnataka is Marvanthe Beach Road.

Agumbe, Karnataka
Image - traveltriangle.com

How to Reach Agumbe - The nearest airport is 100 km away at Mangalore, which is a major airport. You can get a taxi from there to reach Agumbe. The nearest railway station is Shivamoga which is 90 km away. Another station is Udupi at a distance of 55 km. Once again you can hire taxi or buses to reach Agumbe. By road, Agumbe is well connected and is reachable both by bus as well as taxi. It is about 350 km away from state capital Bangalore.


Once again a part of the Western Ghats, Saputara is a small but beautiful hill station in Dang district of Gujarat. The rolling hills of Saputara are covered with lush green during the monsoon and present a picture postcard look. The green hues, the colorful flowers, and the raindrops create a magical romantic atmosphere which in turn is bound to bring out that youthful energy in you. 

Located in Sahaydri ranges, it is situated at a height of about 3200 ft. The beautiful landscapes and lush green surroundings of this place are quite captivating. Imposing mountains and sparkling waterfalls gushing out from them are a scene to cherish. An ideal getaway for eco-lovers among you, Saputara holds an equal attraction for adventure seekers too. With so many trekking trails available, you can easily plan an expedition according to your choice. 

Saputara in Gujarati means abode of snakes and local people here worship snakes. The population here consists mainly of tribal people. You can experience tribal life by interacting with them. The best part is that Saputara is still unspoiled and non-commercialized. So prepare yourself for spending this monsoon in the lap of this naturally beautiful, picturesque and quaint place called Saputara. Gujarat has that mythological city of Dwarka also.

Saputara, Gujarat
Image - holidayiq.com

How to Reach Saputara - The nearest airport is Surat which is 156 km away. You can get a taxi from here. The nearest railway station is at Nasik Road, which is 65 km away. Buses and taxis are available from here. Saputara is well connected to all the major cities of Gujarat by road and buses and taxis are available to reach here by road.


Majestic view of Himalayan peaks, dense green forests and deep green valleys is what makes Ranikhet a must visit monsoon destination in India. Located in Uttarakhand in north India at an elevation of about 6200 ft, Ranikhet is an epitome of natural beauty, which becomes all the more mind-blowing when raindrops fall on the green carpet spread all around. 

This quiet hill station is blessed with a pleasant climate all through the year except winters which are harsh. But during monsoon, the beauty of this place increases manifold, what with high altitude lakes coming alive along with a number of waterfalls adorning various hills surrounding it. A large variety of flowers can be found here along with green meadows. 

You may also encounter some rare species of wild animals in Ranikhet such as Asiatic bear and snow leopard. Ranikhet is a haven for nature lovers, adventurers and peace seekers alike. From Ranikhet, there is an option of going for an adventure and spiritual experience in Mukteshwar

Ranikhet, Uttarakhand
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How to Reach Ranikhet - The nearest airport is at Pantnagar which is 115 km away. You can easily get taxis from here for Ranikhet. The nearest railway station is Kathgodam, which is 88 km away. From here you can get both taxis as well as buses to reach Ranikhet. By road, you can drive along a picturesque route from Kathgodam onwards and reach Ranikhet enjoying the scenic beauty.


Located in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra, Amboli is another amazing monsoon destination in India. It is a small hill station situated at an altitude of 2260 ft. But the beauty of the place has to be seen to be believed. 

Nestled in Sahyadri ranges, Amboli is the last hill station before Maharashtra-Goa border. The flora and fauna that you will find here cannot be found anywhere else. Amboli Ghat comes alive during the rains with all its mesmerizing beauty. There are many attractions here to keep you engaged and inspired. 

The Amboli fall, Mahadevgadh points, Hiranykeshi river origin, the sunset points, Nangartas Falls, etc. are places which will leave you awestruck. Bathing under these thick waterfalls is a thrilling experience. And enjoyment of having hot vada pav along with hot tea, sitting in a cool climate at the fall is indescribable. 

If you are a wildlife lover, there is plenty of it the nearby forests. Species of Sambhar, Leopard, Bhekar, Deer, etc. can be found here. For photography enthusiasts, there are ample spots to satiate your hunger for beautiful captures. 

The main waterfall in Amboli is released at the beginning of monsoon season, thus bringing the whole area to life with its musical sound and beautiful sight of it falling from the top. From hills, you can move to a neat and clean beach with a sea fort in the town of Malvan in Sindhudurd district itself.

Amboli, Maharashtra
Image - tourdefarm.in
How to Reach Amboli - The nearest airport is Dabolim in Goa which is 115 km away. Taxis and buses are available from there to reach Amboli. The nearest railway station is Sawantwadi which is just 30 km away. You will easily get a taxi from here to get to Amboli. Roads are good and you can also drive to Amboli if you wish to.

So, this monsoon, let yourself loose and get to any of these beautiful and amazing monsoon destinations in India and give yourself a chance to dance in the rain.


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