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Hello friends! Here are a few Tips On How to Plan For a Perfect Long Weekend Trip.

Have you got a long weekend off? Are you planning to go out and unwind? There are tons of things you can do on a long weekend. You can go camping, trekking, star gazing, visiting old friends or family, going to a nearby hill station or just discovering new places in your city.

But it is always advisable as well as desirable to plan well before embarking on any journey. And when it is a short trip like a weekend, the need to plan becomes all the more important so that you can get maximum pleasure from your trip. So here are a few suggestions, that you can keep in mind before going for your next weekend trip.

The process of planning a long weekend can be confusing. So, let us break it down step by step.

1. How Much To Spend?

Splurging for a long weekend is all fun and games. That is until you realize that your bank account is in jeopardy because you splurged too much! Be mindful of how much you can afford to spend before removing that wad of cash.
Before you decide the place, decide the cost. How much can you afford to spend?
You have to keep in mind the cost of traveling, the cost of accommodations, the cost of food and the cost of souvenirs (if you buy any).
Choose your place keeping in mind the budget you have.

Spend your money wisely

2. Where to Go?

After deciding on a budget, you proceed to choose a place that fits your requirements. It is a long weekend, not a long vacation. Keep in mind the time available to you to travel.
Although it is a long weekend, it won’t be long before Monday comes chasing you (or Tuesday). You don’t want to be tired on the first day of the work from the week because of having too much fun.
Travel closer to home. Not only will you save time traveling, but you will also be able to come back quickly if there is an emergency at work or in personal life. Traveling closer to home does not necessarily mean that there are no interesting places nearby. Every place hides its own treasures. It is all about finding it. Once you find it, the place will leave you in awe.

Decide according to budget

3. How to Pack?

Pack light. You do not need a heavy backpack for a long weekend trip. Take one set of clothes for each day and an extra pair of clothes to be on a safer side. Carry only one pair of shoes and other essentials along with it.
You are going to enjoy a long weekend trip. You will be traveling for only a couple of days. There is no need to carry extra items along with you. Take only what is necessary.
A heavy backpack is not only unnecessary; it will also hinder you when you are traveling.
You also have to keep in mind the dangers of having your bag stolen. If you are packed too heavily, it makes you a more likely target.
Packing lightly is not only convenient; it will not hinder your movements.

4. How to Go?

Are you going by train? Are you taking a bus? Or are you taking your own car? Decide your means of transportation.
If you are using public transportation, book your tickets in advance.
If you are driving personally or you have hired a car, check the route beforehand. You don’t want to be caught in traffic. Plan your route and make the appropriate pit stops when needed. Download an offline version of Google Maps to be on a safer side.
You could lose a lot of time by not knowing where to go. Waste less time by planning ahead.

Choose how to go

5. Where Do I Stay?

Book your accommodations in advance if you do not have a place to stay.
Do not wait to reach your destination before booking a place to stay. You may face unwanted obstacles if you do so.
If you are lucky, you will find a place to stay. Or else you may be met with a rejection by the staff due to the place already being fully booked.
You may even have to end up compromising and staying in an unknown place. It is better to book your accommodation in advance.
This will not only ensure that you have a place to stay, but it also ensures your safety. You do not want to stay in an unknown place with dubious surroundings.

Get a place to stay

6. Places to Visit

Once you have decided on where to go and how to go, the next step is which places you will be visiting once you reach your destination.
Research the places near your destination. Narrow down the possibilities and choose the places of interest.
This will save you a lot of time. You will avoid being confused once you reach your destination.
Do not forget to check the route between the places, you will visit and your area of residence during the stay. Download an offline Map. Plan your route and waste less time.

Know local places

7. Where Do I Go Today?

Regardless of how short the trip is; have a rough plan on what you want to do for the day. Plan your day.
Decide on which places you want to visit today. Do not leave it for the end moment and think that you will go with the flow. Choose the places you will visit for the day.
Planning this will make sure that you will not run around unnecessarily and you will not miss out on any of the places.

Plan for the day

8. What is Special?

What is your planned destination most famous for? Are there any local festivals going to take place? What is the specialty of this place?
Keep these questions in mind when you are researching on your destination. This will help you in enjoying your trip to the maximum.
For example, if you are hoping to spend a quiet weekend in some mountains but the locals have a festival going on, well, you can say goodbye to your quiet time.

Although you will witness the lively local culture, the aim of your trip will not be met.

Or the purpose of your trip is to witness this liveliness. You are visiting a place to explore the locality. But you have not researched this place. You go and travel superficially. Meanwhile, a local festival or fair is happening just a few miles away from you, but you do not know of this. You will miss out on the liveliness that you wish to enjoy.


Even if you know it, due to lack of accommodations and planning, you will miss out on this festival or event.

If you know that there is a festival or event taking place, you can prepare yourself accordingly. You can move closer or farther away from it depending on what you seek.

These are the things you need to keep in mind when you travel for a long weekend. Do not forget to return back on time. Although the trip is meant for you to unwind from the mundane and tiresome routine of your daily life, traveling can also drain you. Leave yourself with enough time to return home and rest before you once again fall back into the busy schedule of your life.
So plan your journey, pack smartly, travel wisely and enjoy your long weekend.

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