Sibsagar meaning Ocean of Lord Shiva has been recently renamed Sivasagar but retains the charm of its old name with locals. This beautiful city dates back to Ahom dynasty, which ruled Assam for six centuries till the year 1819.

Hello friends! Hope you are enjoying the rains. This is such a beautiful season with natural beauty blooming all around. If you talk about rains, Assam in North East India has aplenty. But apart from rains, Assam has so much more to offer in terms of natural beauty, distinct culture and of course, it's rich history. One of the most beautiful historical cities of Assam is Sibsagar(now Sivasagar).

 Sibsagar was the capital of the Ahom kingdom for about 90 years. This culturally and historically rich city has numerous attractions ranging from forts to temples to underground architecture. The Ahom kingdom monuments and palaces, that exist in the city, are excellent work of architecture. The place is encircled by beautiful hills and has a lovely ambiance.

Sibsagar, Assam
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Sibsagar has so many attractions that it is difficult to list all of them in a short space. So I have tried to bring out some of the more prominent ones here.

1. Rang Ghar - Translated to "House of Entertainment" is an Amphitheater which is located just 3 km(1.9 mi) from the city and exists since 1746 A.D. This makes it the oldest surviving amphitheater of Asia. It is also called the "Colosseum of the East" for it's for reflecting the architectural precision and grandeur of that era. The two storied structure was built by the then ruler of Assam to enable Kings and other dignitaries to watch sports events. It was used as a royal pavilion for sports and cultural events. Rang Ghar is oval in shape and its roof is designed like an inverted boat.

Rang Ghar, Sivasagar
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2. Talatal Ghar - Also called Rangpur Palace, this place is 6 km(3.8 mi) from Sibsagar, this is a three-story structure including an underground one. The place has magnificent design and architecture and has been very well kept over a period of time. This place is one of the best testimonials of the Ahom architecture and is among the most impressive monuments of Sibsagar. It is the largest Ahom monument anywhere. Talatal Ghar is built in typical Mughal architecture. The upper ground floor, known as Karenge Ghar, was used as a living room by the royalty. The most interesting fact about Talatal Ghar is that it is built entirely of organic material. And what is remarkable is that this building, though centuries old, is still standing strong.

Talatal Ghar, Sibsagar, Assam
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3. Joysagar Tank and Temples - Located at 5 km(3.1 mi) from the city in Rangpur, these are massive structures. Joysagar is said to be the biggest man-made lake in India with an area of 320 acres. was built by  It There are a number of temples on the banks of this lake. This water body was built by Swargadeo Rudra Singa in honor of his mother. The main temples situated here are Jeydol, Devi Ghar, Shiv Temple, and Nati Gosain Temple.

Joysagar Tank, Sibsagar
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4. Pani Dihing Wildlife Sanctuary - Spread over 34 sq. km(13.1 sq. mi), this was a reserve forest prior to 1984. It is considered a paradise for migratory and resident birds. Already over 160 species of birds have been recorded here. This wetland ecosystem surrounds river Brahmaputra and is very diverse. It has several lakes inside the premises. The most common species of birds found here are a goose, spot-billed duck, mallard, gadwall, shoveller, pochard, stork and many more. Several varieties of fish are also found here. And you will find frogs, snakes and many other forms of amphibians and reptiles.

Pani Dihing Sanctuary, Sivasagar
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5. Sivasagar Sivadol Temple - This is the most revered temple here. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple is located on the shores of Sivasagar lake. This is the tallest Shiva temple in India having a height of 32 m(104 ft). It was constructed in 1734. Devotees throng the temple during the festival of Shivratri, which is celebrated with great fervor and devotion here. The city got its name from here only.

Sivasagar Sivadol, Sibsagar
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Sibsagar(or Sivasagar) is a naturally beautiful destination of Assam with rich biodiversity.


Air - Nearest airport is Jorhat, which is 64 km(40 mi) away. It is well connected to all the major cities of the country. You can easily get taxis from here to reach Sivasagar.

Rail - Sibsagar Town is the nearest railway station, which is just 2 km away. Trains from all the major cities of Assam are connected to this station. You can walk or hire a taxi from here to reach Sivasagar.

Road - Sivasagar is well connected to other cities by a good road network. Local buses ply from Guwahati and other towns to Sivasagar. Taxis are also available to travel to the city.


There are hotels available in Sivasagar to suit all budgets and generally, you can easily get a budget or luxury hotel, depending on your choice.

Sibsagar is a city that covers all shades of blue, brown and green. You must visit this place for an out of the box experience.


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