Hi Guys! Have you ever thought about how travel affects us mentally or emotionally? I am not talking of a vacation here or there but traveling to explore and learn. Apart from being fun, it may be quite stressful at times. So let's find out how and why travel effects us mentally and emotionally.
Travel is not about only moving from one place to another. It is not only a physical movement but also a mental and emotional shift. You must switch off your mind from the place you are coming from and tune in to the place you are visiting if you have to enjoy your trip. And it’s quite obvious that your emotional state would be entirely different when you are traveling, to the one when you are in your comfort zone.

Thinking of traveling
This is particularly true of backpackers, who, although not in their comfort zones, have to continually shift their focus from one place to another. Even before their previous visit sinks in completely, they find themselves in an altogether different territory with a new culture and people. They have to quickly overcome the hangover of their previous visit and get into the ‘here and now’ of the new place.
Even for people like me, who are not backpackers but frequent travelers, moving into the unknown is both fearsome as well as thrilling. Whenever I travel, I find myself both excited as well as a little anxious, not knowing what to expect in my journey. But then again, I love to enjoy the journey rather than worrying about the destination.
I have had experience of backpacking also when once I was thrown into a situation, where I had to unexpectedly travel to different cities at very short notice. That was my first experience at backpacking. And trust me, I was so tensed up not knowing what and how I would cope up with such swift movement, which I had never done before. But at the end of the experience, I came out stronger, confident, smarter and wiser. I learned that you must go through difficulties in order to make your life better.

Traveling rejuvenates us

And traveling is one thing that makes you strong enough to face any difficulty in life. It is something, which makes you go through all the emotions like excitement, fear, curiosity, anger, helplessness, happiness and most importantly, sense of achievement.
Traveling has made me ready to face uncertainties of the future as I am always willing and prepared to move out of my comfort zone. And as they say ‘Life begins outside your comfort zone’.
So folks, get ready and get out of your comfort zones and travel and face the uncertainties confidently.

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